Children’s solution ministries, Nsambya village, Uganda.



It was realized that Rakai district is one of the districts in Uganda which was mostly affected by HIV/AIDS, the killer disease and political wars, leaving most children vulnerable, unprivileged and homeless.
In 2005, Richard Rukundo and Harriet Nayiga with help of some community members analysed that this district had very many vulnerable and under privileged orphan children who could hardly go to school neither access basic needs like education, food, clothes, medical care among others; and hence the birth of Children’s Solution Ministries.

Children’s Solution Ministries started Solution Academy (a primary school) with students between 3 – 15 years of age; under a tree shade which was a very humble beginning.
On 12th/August/2011, this organization was recommended by the community members, religious leaders political and non political leaders to register as a nongovernmental charity organization due to its realized noble charity cause.

Currently, this organization operates both a primary and secondary schools (boys and girls) between 3- 19 years of age. The secondary school (Solution Urban High School) is the only high school in Kakoma parish. Children’s Solution ministries has students enrollment of 456 in both primary and secondary schools; where by Solution Academy (primary) has 356 students whereas Solution Urban High School (secondary) has 100 students. More students would love to join this organization but the resources are still limited.

Classes are from nursery to senior four at present.
Subjects; Primary: Mathematics, English, Science, Social studies, Religious education, Music Dance and Drama, games and sports, farming and computer studies.
Secondary: Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, History, Religious education, Geography, Commerce, Fine art, Entrepreneurship, Luganda, Literature, Music Dance and Drama, Games and sports and Computer studies



We are very proud to able to donate computer equipment to this life changing project, now and in the future.

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