DAI Europe helping Daisey

IQeol intelligent recycling and ethical reuse would like to  thank DAI Europe for  choosing us to recycle their redundant IT.  From a collection earlier in the year we were able to refurbish and donate a lap top  on their behalf  to  Daisy  who attends Gillingham secondary School in Dorset.

Daisy suffers from hyper-mobility and Dyspraxia, this makes it very hard for her to hold a pen/pencil for any period of time. In primary school she had a scribe but unfortunately this didn’t carry on into secondary  school which made it hard for  her to keep up with notes in class and homework.

I had the pleasure of talking with Daisy’s  mum Angie and asked her a few questions regarding how the lap top had helped Daisy this was her response…

“not wanting  to sound too cheesy the laptop has been life changing for  Daisy! There has been 100% improvement, her quality of work is better, she can now keep up with note taking in class and presentation of work is so much better. Daisy is a very bright young girl  and verbally has never struggled  the lap top has bridged the big gap between verbal and written work”

DAI was founded in 1970 by three graduates of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government intent on providing a more dynamic and effective brand of development assistance. This entrepreneurial approach would look beyond traditional philanthropy to embrace the virtues of the private sector, and build a company that delivers social and economic development on a competitive, cost-effective, best-value basis—a social enterprise that is self-sustaining because it is profitable. Employee-owned DAI is now a global development company with a record of delivering results in 160 countries. But it remains today what it was as a start-up: innovative, alert, self-critical, and forward-looking—and driven by a powerful sense of corporate purpose. Our mission remains essentially unchanged from the days of the founders.

So again on behalf of Daisy and her Mum we would like to say a huge thank you to DAI Europe for choosing IQeol Intelligent recycling and ethical reuse to collect their WEEE.







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