IQeol intelligent recycling and structuretone ltd making a difference to young carers.

Iqeol intelligent recycling and ethical reuse were contacted by Andrea James who works for Carer Support Wiltshire, she asked if we had a laptop we could donate to a female Syrian refugee. I cant disclose her name but she is 22 years old and cares full-time for her Mother who has health issues and her brother who has been disabled from birth. The young woman has chosen to care for her Mother and brother with no outside support which she would qualify for!

We had recently collected some redundant equipment from Structuretone ltd, from this we were able to donate a refurbished laptop.

Andrea informed me that the young woman is going to be using the laptop to learn English and to help with learning to drive with a long term goal of returning to work. She also has family in Germany and Jordan which she will now be able to Skype hopefully making her feel less isolated.

So on behalf of carer support Wiltshire and the young adult carer we would like to say a huge thank you to Structuretone ltd for their continued support and choosing IQeol intelligent recycling to recycle their WEEE.

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