Data Destruction

We take data security seriously, with no half-measures with your data. Apart from hard disk drive data sanitisation, we also physically check other devices, and remove any ownership tags and case tattoos. We do all data erasure on our site, but please contact us with any questions or advise about data sanitisation, especially if you’re looking for your equipment to be reused.

Data Destruction Methodology

All PCs are opened up and physically checked to ensure no “stray” hard disk drives nor CDs/DVDs/Tapes/Floppies are left in any drive. Any Asset tags or case tattoos are removed from your equipment to ensure that nothing remains to identify your equipment, then any drives, mobile phones are then erased using software or physically destroyed. We also remove any configuration from network equipment, such as router config – nothing is left to chance.

We use CESG approved software, specified in HMG Information Assurance Standard No. 5 (IAS5), for data erasure of hard disk and flash drives.

We sanitise and remove all data on any hard disk up to CONFIDENTIAL, RESTRICTED SECRET and TOP SECRET protective markings. The software we use is compatible with all desktop PCs, laptops, servers with RAID storage, and   enterprise storage systems. The software is able to overwrite data from any PATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, Fibre Channel, USB or Firewire disks.

Independent testing has been carried out on a selected range of media and platforms to provide a degree of assurance that the software sanitises disks as claimed. In addition the software erases all hidden/locked areas on a hard disk such as DCO HPA and remapped sectors. Once any hard disk has been sanitised the software automatically generates a detailed erasure report with hardware configuration and asset information that exceeds governmental regulatory requirements. A complete verification check is performed to confirm that the data has been securely erased from the hard drive.

Any drives that are unreadable due to failure, or report any errors are degaussed, then physically destroyed. All Tapes and other loose magnetic media are degaussed then shredded. Recordable CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs are all shredded.

We only sanitise hard disk drives in a controlled environment, following documented procedures.

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