Recycling your WEEE Waste Electronics

We process all your waste according to best practises, following the waste hierarchy – we always reuse where possible, failing reuse, we’ll recover components for reuse in other machines, and recycle as last resort.

Our main aim is to get as much high quality equipment to our charitable projects as possible, however, not all the items we receive are able to be reused, either due to low specification and/or faulty components.

We are Environment Agency Licenced to refurbish WEEE, allowing it to be reused legally, and any waste, is sorted into the most efficient method of onward disposal, minimising product miles where possible, and following BATRRT Best Practise.

We have a no-landfill environmental policy for all your waste, all the waste streams go to either reuse or onward recycling and materials recovery for a second life; even down to the paper and cardboard provided.

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